Best Getaway!

Last week, I ran away. I emptied my bank account, gave away my dog, and left the keys in my car at the airport. Somebody is about to gift themselves to a very nice automobile. My first stop was Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There I hopped aboard the first cruise ship that would take me out of the country and away from all of my problems. Of course, the moment the ship set sail I began to think of a thousand little loose ends that needed to be tied up before I would be truly free.

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I lay on the bed in my stateroom, gazing out the window at the deep blue water that stretched out until it met the light blue sky, and tried to figure out how I could get a message to my best friend without anyone being able to find out where I was. If my ex-husband found me, everything I had worked so hard to achieve would be destroyed in an instant.

I wandered down to the computer lab onboard the ship, passing by a three story high champagne fountain on the way. People were getting their picture taken next to the tower of glasses. The perverse side of me longed to bump into one of them, just enough to start a chain reaction that would be impossible to stop. I remembered, however, that I wanted to keep a low profile and so I moved on.

In the café, the steward earned himself a very big tip by teaching me how to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like ici. That way, he explained, I would be able to send messages anywhere I wanted to, while making them appear to have come from anywhere else on earth than where I actually was. I took care of my business and had a good laugh while I imagined the shock my best friend would feel when she got my email from Siberia. Too bad I would never know. Read the review click here .