Cloud Storage : A Student’s MUST HAVE for Data Backup!

imagesEvery college student has a similar nightmare: that a paper that they poured their blood, sweat, and coffee all over has been deleted during crunch time and is lost forever. No one wants to send the ever-dreaded “my computer ate my homework” email. To my dismay, that was exactly what I had to send to my professor the night before my 20 page social theory research paper was due.

It was one of those situations where there was just nothing I could do. The flash drive that I kept all of my school work on contracted some kind of virus and wouldn’t connect to my laptop anymore. I ran all kinds of tests, and wasted even more time having friends come over to help me extract it off of the flash drive, but to no avail. All of my hard work was lost, and of not fault of my own, unless you count blind trust in technology as my fault.

Though my professor was more forgiving than most and gave me an extension, it was still a pain having to re-write a paper that I’d already written. When I was venting to a fellow student, he asked if I’d heard of cloud backup storage. At the time, I’d heard people talk about it, but considering I don’t consider myself all that tech savvy, I assumed that I wouldn’t even know how to sign up for it.

That night, my classmate showed me how to create a just cloud account. It was so easy! Now I can save all of my important files onto this drive and not have to worry about viruses or computer malfunctions, because it’s not saved to any specific hardware, if only I listen to my friend to have a secure VPN service provider like vyprvpn, in a way this could have been prevented! I found out shortly after that I can even use mac backup to backup my files to the iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud application.

For anyone who has ever had a paper, photos, music, or important documents lost in a technology mishap, I urge you to try cloud back up storage and I would also suggest to get a pure vpn service provider or if you want to surf anonymously but still safe and secure, try hidemyass vpn service (learn more now), its a great help! It’s worth it, I promise. And it’s free!