Astrill VPN and Go Trusted – Are They Both Good?


Selecting a VPN service provider to keep you safe and protected commonly comes down to performance, server location, features, price — not to mention the provider’s track record on data logging and privacy. Which providers you thought were the best for all of those things, and you weighed in?

I have asked my friends to know the top VPN service providers, based on those nominations. Now I’m back to highlight the overall winners. Go Trusted and Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN, the provider with servers in 17 countries and clients for almost every operating system took the top spot with 40% of the overall vote. Astrill supports all modern versions of Windows XP, Windows Visa, and Windows 7. With the Astrill’s feature, you’ll be able to see if Astrill was fast enough to utilize all of your bandwidth and sure enough, it does. YouTube videos start playing immediately and websites load fast. If you want to read more info about Astrill, click here for the review.

Another VPN service that placed on top is the Go Trusted. GoTrusted is a VPN service that provides unlimited access in more than a couple of countries, several different protocols, and will run most operating systems. Their prices are in line with other VPN providers and they provide a 7 day free trial period. GoTrusted has servers located in 5 countries including United Kingdom, U.S, Ireland, Japan and Singapore. For more

Go Trusted seems to be a good company to go with however if you want a bit more variety in server locations and IP addresses.


Best Getaway!

Last week, I ran away. I emptied my bank account, gave away my dog, and left the keys in my car at the airport. Somebody is about to gift themselves to a very nice automobile. My first stop was Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There I hopped aboard the first cruise ship that would take me out of the country and away from all of my problems. Of course, the moment the ship set sail I began to think of a thousand little loose ends that needed to be tied up before I would be truly free.

images (4)

I lay on the bed in my stateroom, gazing out the window at the deep blue water that stretched out until it met the light blue sky, and tried to figure out how I could get a message to my best friend without anyone being able to find out where I was. If my ex-husband found me, everything I had worked so hard to achieve would be destroyed in an instant.

I wandered down to the computer lab onboard the ship, passing by a three story high champagne fountain on the way. People were getting their picture taken next to the tower of glasses. The perverse side of me longed to bump into one of them, just enough to start a chain reaction that would be impossible to stop. I remembered, however, that I wanted to keep a low profile and so I moved on.

In the café, the steward earned himself a very big tip by teaching me how to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like ici. That way, he explained, I would be able to send messages anywhere I wanted to, while making them appear to have come from anywhere else on earth than where I actually was. I took care of my business and had a good laugh while I imagined the shock my best friend would feel when she got my email from Siberia. Too bad I would never know. Read the review click here .


Hide My Ass VPN Services

I spend a lot of time on the web, and absolutely hate seeing all the ads that pop up and are directed specifically at me. The idea that everything I type into a search engine gets filed away somewhere attached to my IP address drives me crazy. Every time I see an ad aimed at something I was looking up a few hours ago, it makes me feel like I have no privacy whatsoever.

A friend of mine convinced me that since this invasion of my privacy bothers me so much, I should look into using a VPN when I’m surfing the web. I didn’t know much about VPN’s, and just searching for one on Google gave me too many results to know which one I should be using or which is more reputable than the other. Luckily, my buddy told me he uses Hide My Ass when he’s using the wifi at Starbucks, so I decided to check it out and then find link as

VPN Services

After looking at what other people said on message boards, I found out that a lot of people trust Hide My Ass to protect them online, so I went to the Hide My Ass website and bought a month long subscription to their service and got help by link

It’s been a few weeks, and so far I’m really happy with their service. Now when I search for something online, I don’t see an endless string of ads directed at me because Hide My Ass’s VPN’s do a great job of hiding my IP address from nosey web bots that are trying to keep track of my online activity.

If you are interested in keeping your life private (like me) or protecting your computer when you’re using it at the coffee shop (like my friend), I highly recommend using their service. Just do a quick web search to learn more about HideMyAss reviews, and see why it is the VPN of choice for anyone who wants the added security of a quality VPN service.

Cloud Storage : A Student’s MUST HAVE for Data Backup!

imagesEvery college student has a similar nightmare: that a paper that they poured their blood, sweat, and coffee all over has been deleted during crunch time and is lost forever. No one wants to send the ever-dreaded “my computer ate my homework” email. To my dismay, that was exactly what I had to send to my professor the night before my 20 page social theory research paper was due.

It was one of those situations where there was just nothing I could do. The flash drive that I kept all of my school work on contracted some kind of virus and wouldn’t connect to my laptop anymore. I ran all kinds of tests, and wasted even more time having friends come over to help me extract it off of the flash drive, but to no avail. All of my hard work was lost, and of not fault of my own, unless you count blind trust in technology as my fault.

Though my professor was more forgiving than most and gave me an extension, it was still a pain having to re-write a paper that I’d already written. When I was venting to a fellow student, he asked if I’d heard of cloud backup storage. At the time, I’d heard people talk about it, but considering I don’t consider myself all that tech savvy, I assumed that I wouldn’t even know how to sign up for it.

That night, my classmate showed me how to create a just cloud account. It was so easy! Now I can save all of my important files onto this drive and not have to worry about viruses or computer malfunctions, because it’s not saved to any specific hardware, if only I listen to my friend to have a secure VPN service provider like vyprvpn, in a way this could have been prevented! I found out shortly after that I can even use mac backup to backup my files to the iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud application.

For anyone who has ever had a paper, photos, music, or important documents lost in a technology mishap, I urge you to try cloud back up storage and I would also suggest to get a pure vpn service provider or if you want to surf anonymously but still safe and secure, try hidemyass vpn service (learn more now), its a great help! It’s worth it, I promise. And it’s free!